Don’t Bug! Just Play These Games And Share With Others

Bugs Magazine has now come up with an exclusive list of two games that are a lot of fun to play. So we had decided that we are going to steer away from the usual build and war type of games or even the sim type games and look for some other interesting ideas. After playing more than a hundred games we decided to boil down to the following games:

Shadow Fight 2 – This game as the name suggests is a fighting game, no not war but just fighting 1 vs 1 types. In this game you are a fighter and your character is holding a sword and wearing an armor. The game is all about fighting battles with players from across the world. You have to make your character stronger with better weapons and armor and other enhancements that you can purchase with coins or in game cash. If you have lots of in game money then you are completely safe as you can just go on purchasing the best weapon whenever it is available on the market. Most of the time we face problems with having less coins than what is required to make in game purchases from the market. But after we managed to hack shadow fight 2 using this amazing online software that we found on the internet, now we are happily progressing in the game without any issues. If you too want to progress fast in the game and beat your friends, take a look at that software.

Hungry Shark Evolution – As the name suggests this game is all about a shark, which is also your main character in the game. Your character shark is under water and is hungry and wants to eat away everything. Your task is to avoid making the shark eat everything that comes along the way. Whichever item comes near the shark, it will eat that. So your job is to steer away the shark when a harmful substance is coming in the way and take away all the coins and gold. In this game you are supposed to collect as many in game currency that you get along the way. You can use these coins for upgrading your character or even get a better shark character that is faster and gets hurt less with these metals or germs that you eat along the way. Better just hack hungry shark evolution and get unlimited coins and gems, then get the best shark and beat the game as soon as possible. We have already finished the game, thanks to the hacking software.

We are going to come out with an extensive list of games next month too, stay tuned people.

New Bugs Mag Recommendations

Hello Folks!

Bugs Magazine as you know is one of the best gamer mags on the internet and we are here to suggest great games to you folks all the time. Today is a great day and we have chosen to recommend two very new and fantastic games to you folks. Life is not easy when you don’t have any good games to play. Now we are going to speak about both the games and here we begin:

Dragon City and Monster Legends are two very great games that we would like to discuss today. These two are very interesting strategy games that were developed by a Spanish Company and today is the day we will promote it free of cost. Both of these games are what involves you in taking care of the dragons/monsters like they are your babies. The Dragons or Monsters whichever game you are playing will require food to grow and level up. These creatures once they level up, grow in size and then get more abilities and skills to fight enemies. These dragons and monsters are quite helpful when it comes to pvp battles but only if they are strong creatures. Strong Dragons or Monsters are the ones that have the ability to win battles and the weak ones will die in just a single shot.

Dragon City and Monster Legends, both of these games have an important part of the game which involves breeding. Breeding is important in this game because that is the only way you can get your hands on Legendary, Rare and Epic Dragons or Monsters. If you don’t try to breed these creatures then you are going to go no where when it comes to PVP Battles or even the adventure map where you get to face the bosses.

Dragon City is a game that is very popular and being such popular, there are several online scripts and stuff available online that can help you get lots of gold, food and even gems at times. If you are just starting out and find it unfair with so many top players in the game, you should really consider to hack dragon city and try to get your hands on these free gems as well. With these gems you can really speed up your game.

Monster Legends is one such game that started not that long ago but then there are still a lot of players that are at the top and with these people on the top, it can be quite frustrating. If these big players with tons of Legendary Monsters torture you, then use this little secret website and hack monster legends and you too grab these free gems, gold and food and really speed up your game in no time. Try out these tricks and you too will become a top player in absolutely no time.

New Game Recommendation From Bugs Magazine

Bugs Magazine is back with it’s new game suggestion for you young kids. As you kids know that Bugs Magazine is the #1 games magazine for kids of 2016, we are happy to announce a brand new suggestion this week for android phone users. The name of this fantastic game is Dragon City. Dragon City is a wonderful game, it is a lot of fun that involves strategy building and growing up dragons and it also involves fighting. There is no fun in a game that does not involve fighting and only when you can grow stuff and utilize it for fighting, it makes life interesting and fun. Dragon City is a game that is being played by millions of players world wide and it continues to grow. With influx of new comers everyday, the game becomes really interesting. Without newbies coming onto a game, it is never fun. Who will you beat if there are no new players in a game? Beating new players is easy and makes it interesting and that is how a new player also learns, by losing to a better player.

Dragon City is all about Dragons and nothing else. Like Monster Legends is about monsters, this one is about dragons. Here you nurture dragons like they are your babies and you are the only one to take care of them. Dragons need food to grow and if they get food, they give you gold. Each dragon can only go into a respective exhibit of their element. Dragons have elements and each element has their own habitat. You must place the dragons in their correct home and they will give you gold for time. Each dragon has their own unique amount of gold giving ability. Gold is used to grow your island with more buildings and food that you grow on farms can be used to feed to dragons. Dragons need food to grow bigger in size and stronger in abilities. The most important concept in the game is Breeding as only breeding is a way you can get your hands on strong dragons. When two dragons breed, they hatch a baby dragon that grows into a bigger dragon as you feed them regularly. You must check out the best dragon city breeding help guides that are available on the internet to seek further into this concept of the game.

Dragons when they become stronger in their abilities can be taken out to war for a fight. Please don’t take any dragon out for war which is a lower level dragon with no skills or abilities unlocked as you are most likely to lose your dragon in a single shot from the opponent. If you have any Legendary Dragon, then do take it out for war as a legendary will always help you in winning the battles.

New Games For Mag Readers

Our team at Bugs Magazine has just finished playing about a hundred games this week and we have begun writing a detailed report as well. But we wanted to give you guys a heads up in this month issue about which games were liked the most by our team. As you know, our team has players who love wide range of games from action to strategy etc and so we asked them all to vote the games and write some review too. So the games which are liked by most are what we are going to share with you.

8 Ball Pool – This is a game that topped the ranks among all hundred games that were played by us. The reason to like this game is the much needed ease in playing a game. One can easily learn the game of Pool and start playing. An interesting feature of the game was that you can send play requests to anyone in your family or friend’s list and it will be like a battle between you two. This is a simple game like the game you play in a real pool table in your local area. Even there only two people can play at a time. The only thing you really need to know is that coins are hard to come by in this game. This is why we are making use of this 8 ball pool hack – unlimited coins because without these coins we literally cannot enter any game with anyone, forget about high stake tournaments.

Pixel Gun 3D – Pixel Gun is a fantastic little game that can be played by any age group and against anyone. In this game, your prime perspective is to destroy your enemies before they destroy you. You can even choose to battle with your friends or family 1v1 just like you would in a game of Pool. In this game, you have to choose your own weapons and go fight. These weapons are what makes the game interesting and thus comes an important point – Coins. You must have lots of in game currency to be able to do well in this game. We are making use of pixel gun 3d hack – unlimited coins software to fetch us loads of coins everyday. With their help we are really doing well in the game and have all the right weapons to defeat our friends and brag to them. But try to keep this a secret.

Bugs Games

Hello Bugs Readers, today we are going to talk about some of the latest and top notch games that are doing the rounds. In fact millions of players are doing the rounds haha. Well Basically these games are well played by over million players, to be honest we don’t discuss any games that have less number of players because it makes no sense to create interest among our readers in games that very few people play.

Hill Climb Racing is one game that we are really enjoying playing these days. This is a physics based game which a lot of people enjoy playing. In this game you have been given a vehicle and you have to drive the vehicle in a given terrain. There are many types of maps and vehicles in the game and you can take any one of the vehicle in any one of the map and enjoy your time. Of course it is going to cost you coins to unlock maps and vehicles, as well as getting upgrades for your vehicle. You can play individual maps, earn money and then spend them on these stuff to further enhance the game. It is a slow process or you can simply hack hill climb racing and get unlimited coins instantly to your account and even unlock the entire game in seconds.

The next game to discuss on our list is none other than the famous endless running game called Subway Surfers. You are in the subway surfing on your board but a policeman with his dog comes running behind you. Now in a subway you have trains coming towards you, there are coins to catch. Go steal coins while saving yourself from the on coming trains as well as from the police man who is waiting for you to make a mistake and he will catch you. Coins is an important part of the game as you can unlock upgrades or buy new stuff with the coins. Whatever you cannot purchase with coins, you can get them with keys. However earning keys is really slow and tough process.  If you don’t believe in the game spirit, we suggest you to write a software that can hack subway surfers and get you all the coins and keys in the world. Have fun people, enjoy these games and do write to us from time to time.

Learn New Gaming Techniques From Bugs Magazine

Hello friends, today we at bugs magazine are going to write about some of the most interesting things about gaming that you may want to look out for in your day to day gaming life. We all know how you guys spend day and night in playing these new android games, or iOS games for that matter. Most of these games are developed on both platforms and millions of players are busy playing these games everyday. Today we want to catch up on some interesting concepts regarding how some people always manage to be on the top of the game almost every time. Do you notice these extremely high scores or extremely high level players? Do you really think that this has come by playing honestly? While you spend hundreds of dollars into the game, some of these so called toppers hack their way into the system. Our research team here at bugs magazine recently met a man who were happy to let us into the technique of how to hack into some of the most popular games.

With the help of this man, we came across a game called clash of clans and quickly learned how to get these perky little gems in this game. If you want too want these free gems coc, then you must first learn and understand that hacking is possible and it can be done for absolutely no price at all. Clash of Clans is a great strategy, actually a war strategy game that was developed a few years ago, but is still going extremely strong. This is a game where every player has to build certain strategies that involve building defenses, placing the wall to defend the buildings strategically and then comes an important part which is planning an attack. There is no way in hell you can win a battle against a strong player without having proper strategies in place.

One of the other games that we managed to learn to get inside is Pou. If you want to learn how to hack pou, then please visit that website we told you about. Pou is one of the best pet games of 2015 and this one does not have any normal pet, but a nice and fat alien pet. This pet is smart and is looking forward to your care and trying to learn from you. Just like any other pet, Pou too requires you to play with him, take him out in the grounds or give it a bath. One of the most important part here is that you feed them. You don’t want your pet to starve to death right? Feed him and gain coins for each of these activities that keeps your pet happy. These coins will tomorrow help you get across the game and make you proceed to other levels.

Good Luck Fellas!

Magazine Love Talks: How To Impress Your Partner?

Relationship is serious business and you cannot afford to ignore it. Every relationship wants one thing for sure and that is time. If you don’t give time to a relationship, it falls apart. We believe almost everyone knows about this and so we are not going to focus on this topic. We are going to look at alternative reasons about how to keep a relationship going strong. You know that spice that every relationship needs, how to keep it going? Let us look at some of the tricks on achieving that fun and spice in a relationship.


Love is important in a relationship. If there is no love, there is no relationship. A lot of times people love each other, get into a relationship but later get bored and stop spending time together. The love goes away and a dead relationship remains between the two. A lot of time gets wasted in fighting or stupid talks, but no love and relationship finally falls apart. Love is important and to keep love going, spending time together and appreciating each other is important.


Sometimes two people in a relationship do love each other but they don’t express that love. Expressing love is important at times to keep the spice and fun going in a relationship. If a person loves another person but keeps things inside his mind, how will the other person know that? Praise or compliment your partner from time to time. Use Love Quotes for them because love quotes can really make them smile. You can look at a some of the best love quotes over at There are some really interesting and cute quotes over at the website. These cute love quotes can time to time can go a long way in establishing the base of your relationship. Strength of a relationship is maintained by little things like this and it is important in preserving it.

Some of the other things to note down about maintaining a relationship and love is spending quality time together. Spending time together is the best way to keep a relationship alive. If one thing your partner desires, is to spend quality time with you. So always make sure that you spend time with your loved ones. Another important step to preservation of a relationship is Listening. You cannot imagine how important listening is. Listening to your partner speak and remembering it will go a long way in helping your relationship. If you are a guy, you know how much your girlfriend or wife can talk. Listen to her and make out what she likes or wants and buy it for her. This will make her really happy.

Bugs Magazine

Bugs Magazine is looking to feature a few games in their magazine this month. We are looking to add a Games section in our mag to attract the addicted gamers to our subscriber list. These game lovers are very loyal subscribers if you give it to them what they really want. So we want to start this section with a bang, covering the top quality games. Let us look at what we are looking to cover.

The first game we are looking to cover is Monster legends. It is a very famous strategy turn based game. In this game what stands out is the island, it has beautiful small Islands and in them we have habitats where you can house your little monsters, feed and grow them. These monsters are like your babies and they do what you tell them to do. They learn what skills you want them to get. These monsters will fight for you if you want them to. The only reason these monsters are coming to life is to obey your orders, fight and kill for you. You cannot win this game without killing off your enemies and the monsters that can really make you win are Legendary monsters. Legendary monsters are rare and you cannot buy them off anywhere, the only way to get them is to breed them. You will find the best monster legends breeding guide on our magazine this month itself.

Dragon City is another game we intend to cover, but that will feature in the next month’s mag as we are already covering the brother of this game this month. Yes both these games are similar and come from the same parent Social Point Developers from Spain. The basic idea of both these games is to nurture your own animals/giants and make them play the game for you. They obey and listen to you and are important aspects if you want to win the game. Dragons in this came are of several elements and each elemental dragon will possess it’s own set of skills which are important to defeat enemy dragons.

The month beyond that is going to see the most popular game being covered and it is called Clash of Clans. This game was the first strategy game of this type where you had to build an army base, make troops and go on war or a raid. A war is when you are planning to destroy the enemy base and also loot away all the resources. A raid is when you plan on only raiding the resources and not necessarily destroying the enemy base. This is done via cheap raiders instead of strong and expensive army and done mostly to loot away resources that will be required to grow your hometown. This game uses in game currency called free coc gems. These gems are best used in updating troops and buildings and also in exchanging resources.

We are also planning to cover some other games known as Jungle Heat, Transport Tycoon in months beyond that. We have ample time to discuss about other games, so you need not worry.

Magazine Recommendations

The 10 member team at Bugs Magazine have decided to make a few recommendations for you. How often do you see a magazine team giving free recommendations to help the fellow readers? Almost all magazines charge you subscription money and then offer tips, here at Bugs, we are giving free of cost advice to you. One of the secrets we have for you is best free psn codes. This list is going to make your dream come true. For as little as a few dollars, you can grab lots of games that you could only dream of playing.

Now coming back to the topic, we are going to share with you our experience with Sony PS 4. So recently we bite the bullet and purchased PlayStation 4. We managed to grab a few games, namely Sims 3, GTA 5, Batman, Call of Duty Black Ops and Metal Gear Solid. These are some of the solid games that were ever developed. GTA 5 is an extremely popular game and we had to fight to grab this game for free with our PS 4. So recommendation from our side is to buy a console gaming only from a shop that allows you to grab some of the greatest games of all time free of cost.

Gameplay Experience:

We started playing on our brand new PS 4 with GTA 5. After playing non stop for 6-8 hours, we felt that the game was really amazing. The graphics as well as the story are the most important wow factors of this game. The smallest of the details is explained in the game and portrayed well by the graphics. We played the game in our 48 inch full LED HDTV, so that could be one reason why we went crazy. Rockstar Games has come a long way since their GTA 1 and Vice city days. I believe Vice City itself was an amazing game and I could still play that game today but GTA 5 is an entirely different league. We are great fans of Vice City once and we even made a website where people could download free hd wallpapers of GTA games and the website had 1 million hits in a single month back then.

The second game that we played was Metal Gear Solid 5. This is one game that we really like because of how the series has grown from 1 to 5. Yes we were players of MGS 1 as well. We played the first game on our PS 1 and now we play the fifth game on our PS 5. We are enjoying the fifth version of the game as much as we enjoyed the first version. We believe that this is a solid game, fantastically developed and super fun. If you haven’t ever played this series, then we believe you’ve played nothing. I would request you to go get a copy of MGS today.

Bugs Magazine Ties Up With Limo Service Company

We are proud and happy to announce our tie up with Limo NJ, the only limo service that makes our life easier in town. Bugs Magazine has a lot of work in New York and New Jersey and due to workload we have to constantly move between cities and places within the city. So one of the suggestion was to buy lots of cars (expensive ones) which we obviously rejected due to massive upfront costs. Then the idea came that we can rent cars and move around the city at a much lower cost. One of the reasons why we went with the car for hire service is that due to heavy workload, instead of wasting time in driving around the car, we can simply relax and sit at the back of the limousine and continue doing our work. A magazine is a serious business and it involves a lot of time writing notes, talking to people on phone and meeting clients.

Our Limo service tie up is going to help us in reducing travel costs and other expenses and improve productivity. The whole concept of hiring a car is to have a stress free ride around the city at reasonable costs. The Limousine drivers are better knowing the roads and thus there isn’t going to be any wastage of time in trying to identify the place you have to go. The most important benefit our employees are going to face is they can not talk on the phone while they are traveling. Did you know that our phones ring like all day long and sometimes people also call us to report some news event at midnight?

Limo NJ service is not just any random care hire service, they have offered to give us a very special deal. As we travel frequently, their partners will have limousines ready in our offices and if one car moves out, other will come to take it’s place. This way we will not have to waste our time in calling and booking limousines and we can just get out of our office, sit in the car and move. With their help, our time wastage is going to reduce drastically and productivity is bound to increase. In a magazine business, productivity is all that matters. We believe that due to more time in the hands of our employees, we will be able to cover stories better and improve our sales going forward.

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